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Nanops (which stands for Nano Polymer Solutions) is a fully integrated European nanotechnology company based in Belgium, and offers full service by combining in-house R&D, in-house production facilities, logistics and distribution to the benefit of the construction industry. Nanops wide range of solutions goes from the delivery of nano raw materials to the production of finished products with, more in particular, coatings for steel and concrete structures. Different photocatalytic coatings, easy-to-clean coatings and coatings with a high chemical resistance are some of Nanops’ specialties.

Materials behave “magically” when they are at nanoscale because that’s the scale where the essential properties of materials are determined.

Nanops’ vision is to enrich materials to create a better and more sustainable world.

It is Nanops’ mission to improve the properties of materials through cutting-edge nanotechnology in order to solve the specific needs of its customers.