with coatings


Thin easy-to-clean coatings and photocatalytic coatings protect structures against dirt, and have multi-purpose applications on a wide variety of surfaces.

Products for Cleaning
  • Nanoplur® 1100

    Water repellent coating, photocatalytic coating for treatment of alkaline, neutral and absorbent mineral unpainted materials
  • Nanoplur® EC 1000

    Easy-to-clean/ Anti-graffiti coating for non porous substrates
  • Nanoplur® EC 1050

    Nanoplur® EC1050 is a very dense coating with pronounced easy-to-clean effect for non-porous substrates (steel, plastics, polished surfaces…etc.) .. This coating is food-safe and suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Nanoplur® Protext

    Easy-to-clean coating developed for textile
  • Nanoplur® SG 1200

    Easy-to-clean coating for porous substrates, oil repellent coating.
  • Nanoplur® SG 1250

    Water repellent coating with Easy-to-clean effect for non porous materials
  • Nanoplur® SG 1350

    Easy-to-clean nanocoating for polished granite.