with coatings
with nanoparticles


Nanocoatings for aerospace are especially designed to significantly reduce ice adhesion, de-icing maintenance costs, and the coefficient of water drag resistance, thereby decreasing cost of jet fuel. The reduction of icing makes the flight industry become safer. An extreme scratch resistance, chemical and UV resistance will be obtained through using this protection. Nanocoatings extend the life of important paint surfaces by producing a high crosslink dense coating surface with multi-functional properties. Water droplets roll across a cured Nanoplur surface, picking up dirt and contaminants, thus leaving behind a clean surface. A better chemical and rain erosion surface will be obtained.

Nano-composite materials used by aircraft manufacturers, where weight is a major factor, make aircrafts lighter and stronger, and decrease fuel consumption.

Applications in Aerospace
  • Cleaning

    Thin easy-to-clean coatings and photocatalytic coatings protect structures against dirt, and have multi-purpose applications on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Mechanical

    Adding nanoparticles to polymers enhances structural properties of polymers, improves compressive strength and reduces weight.