with coatings
with nanoparticles


The growth of algae, lichens and mosse often constitute a problem in marine environments. Nanocoatings reduce both water drag resistance and maintenance and cleaning time by 60%. The fuel cost can be reduced by 10 to 15%. Self-cleaning properties above and below the waterline are installed on the substrate. Protection of the boat hull can even restore the original color & gloss, and protects the substrate against UV. Ultra-high scratch resistance, higher chemical resistance are also obtained by using nanocoatings. Nanoparticles enhance the properties of the boat hull in composite material.

Applications in Maritime
  • Cleaning

    Thin easy-to-clean coatings and photocatalytic coatings protect structures against dirt, and have multi-purpose applications on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Private: Chemical

    By using nanoparticles you can improve barrier properties for chemicals and liquids, and also reduce water uptake. Through Nanops’ technology, an excellent dispersion of nano-particles is reached whereby diffusion is excluded for liquids and gasses.
  • Mechanical

    Adding nanoparticles to polymers enhances structural properties of polymers, improves compressive strength and reduces weight.
  • Corrosion

    Chemical resistance coatings with excellent barrier properties prevent and protect  constructions against corrosion. Nanoclays in coatings offer higher barrier properties against organic and inorganic chemicals.